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     From this article , we have found out that green light will affect germination of plants the least as it only has a wavelength distance of 550 nm wavelength . While other colours such as red has a longer wavelength as compared to green light.     
(University of Delaware ,Teachers Guide :Effect of Light Colors on Bean Plant Growth)

     We can reconfirm that this concept is true because , quote : "red and blue light have the greatest impact on growth" (Colorado State University , GCM Garden notes,2013) 

    We have also learnt that light quantity refers to the intensity and concentration of the light source. Light quality refers to the colour and wavelength of the light and light duration refers to the amount of time the plant is exposed to the light source. ( Arizona Cooperative ExtensionCollege of AgricultureThe University of Arizona. , 1998)

     An articles also describes  the conditions and factors affecting Camboba plant growth 
This includes air-corn like temperatures (15 - 18 Degree Celcius) and a pH level of 4-6 
Wavelength . We also learn that Cabomba plants are classified as pest by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries . (QUEENSLANDS PEST STATUS REVIEW SERIES - LAND PROTECTION BRANCH)


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