Project Title : 

An investigation on the effect of different coloured lights on the amount of oxygen released by water plants.

What is our project about? 

Our investigation will focus on which of the four  coloured lights , namely , red , green ,blue and white . We hope to find out which coloured light will cause the cabomba plant to produce more oxygen.

How will research impact society? 

The cabomba plant is a common plant that is bought by many and grown in household aquariums. Our research can benefit aquarium owners as they can change  lights fitted onto their aquarium to the coloured light which  allow the cabomba plant to produce the most oxygen. 
This will allow the plant to produce more oxygen for this fish and organisms in the aquarium.

Not only that, our research will also help to contribute by testing out which kind of environment will help the plant to grow in it. Indoor farming needs a self -sustainable environment to happen .(West Bridge farms) . We hope to advise indoor farmers to change the light of their farms to benefit the plants (allowing the plants to produce more oxygen) .   For example, if the surroundings is a light green colour, we hope to advise them to change it to other coloured lights to benefit the environment,

What is a Cabomba Plant?

Cabomba is an aquatic plant, one of two belonging to the family Cabombaceae. It has divided submerged leaves in the shape of a fan and is much favoured by aquarists oxygenating plant for fishtanks. 

Use in the aquarium trade has led to some species being introduced to parts of the world, such as Australia, where they have become weeds.
Cabomba plants in the aquarium require good light (i.e. 1.5-3 Watts per gallon), and warm water temperatures (from 18°-32°C).   (Queensland Land Protection Branch , 1996) 

The Cabomba Plant we used for our experiment when we bought it from the aquarium shop . 

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