Marcus : I learnt the importance of communication . When doing the experiment , we have to communicate with each other , giving clear and concise information for each other to understand. From this experience , I have learnt how to summarise and give instructions. I have also learnt the importance of establishing mediums for education which could benefit everyone as not everyone has a phone. I have also learnt to manage time and plan what we could do next. 

Fabian: I had learnt how to manage our team well. We had to remind each other in completing each other's task and to make sure that our work are done properly. Not only that, if one of us face some trouble, we could help each other. For me, team work is very important. Without our team spirit, we will not be able to complete our group project in time. 

Ryan: I have learnt to work together well as a team. We must help each other out and make sure everyone does their part to finish up a certain task as fast as early. This will allow us to work on the more important/ harder parts of our experiment. To summarise, teamwork was a vital part of our experiment that allowed us to be on task and do well for our ISS.

Gavriel: I have learnt how to be a better team player and how to communicate better with others and how to give clear instructions so that others know what my expectations are. From this I have learnt how to set better expectations. I have also learnt how to be a better team player and contribute more to a team.

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