Our Experiment Results :

From our experiment , we can conclude that White light is best for the plant to produce more oxygen. 

This can be backed up with our experiment findings from our 3 experiments. 

The results for which light will allow the plant to produce more oxygen is as follows. 

Experiment 1  (Test experiment) : White Light 
Experiment 2 :                                White Light 
Experiment 3:                                  Green Light

We concluded that White Light is the best lights as it allowed the plant to produce the most oxygen 2 out of 3 times or around 66%. 

The Green Light result may be because of the fact that the particular stalk of plant may be more subjective to green light and thus produced more oxygen. This can be classified as an exceptional case 

To conclude , we can say white light overall allowed the plants to produce more oxygen.

Steps for recording data : 

1) Move to eye level to look at the water level.
2) Take a marker, and mark the water level at eye level. 
3) Take a ruler, and measure with the 0cm marking aligned and placed at the marking. 
4) Record the marking, if there are 2 markings, measure difference between them and record it into the table.


Test results[Summarised in a table]

Test results[Summarised in a graph ]

Experiment Data (Test Experiment)
Experiment was conducted to see whether the plants can survive in different lightings.

Experiment start time : 29 Jan ,  9.15 am
Experiment stop time  : 30 Jan , 9.15 am
Experiment Duration:  24 Hours 
*First marking was NOT at 1.30pm

1) Red Light:
24hr mark(at 9.15am): 8.5cm
Difference: 8.5 cm

2) Blue light:
24hr mark(at 9.15am): 1cm

Difference: 1cm

3) Green light:
24hr mark(at 9.15am): 5cm
Difference: 5 cm

4) White Light:
24hr mark (at 9.15am) : 13cm

Difference: 13 cm


Experiment Data
 (4 February - 5 February) 
Experiment start time: 4 Feb,  8.40 am 
Experiment stop time : 5 Feb, 8.40 am 
Experiment Duration : 24 Hours 
*A first marking was made at 1.30pm  

1) Red Light:
(5hr) 1st mark (at 1.30pm): 1.8 cm
(24hr)2nd mark(at 9.15am): 6.0 cm
Difference: 4.2cm
2) Blue light:
(5hr) 1st mark (at 1.30pm): 0.4cm(24hr)2nd mark (at 9.15am): 0.4cmDifference: 0 cm (No difference in oxygen level)
3) Green light:
(5hr) 1st mark (at 1.30pm): 0.6 cm
(24hr)2nd mark(at 9.15am): 4.0 cm 
Difference: 3.4cm
4) White Light:
(5hr) 1st mark (at 1.30pm) : 4.7 cm
(24hr) 2nd mark (at 9.15am) : 15.8cm
Difference: 11.1 cm


Experiment Data (5 February - 6 February) 

Experiment start time : 5 Feb,  8.40 am 
Experiment stop time  : 6 Feb, 9 am(We had lessons before) 
Experiment Duration :  24 Hours 
*A first marking was at 1.40pm
1)White Light:
(5hr) 1st mark (at 1:40pm) : 1.8cm
(24hr)2nd mark (at 9:00am) : 6.5 cm
Difference: 4.7 cm
2)Red Light:
(5hr) 1st mark (at 1:40pm) : 1.2cm
(24hr) 2nd mark (at 9:00am) : 4.5 cm
Difference: 3.3cm
3)Green light:
(5hr) 1st mark (at 1:40pm) : 2cm
(24hr) 2nd mark (at 9:00am) : 7cm
Difference: 5cm
4)Blue light:
(5hr) 1st mark (at 1:40pm) : 0cm
(24hr)2nd mark (at 9:00am) : 0cm

Difference: 0 cm (No difference in oxygen level)

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